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欧洲杯买球欧洲杯买球Safety Management Regulations for Large Activities of Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts

欧洲杯买球Safety Management Regulations 欧洲杯买球for Large Activities of Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts

( You need to read it before the start of the event)


欧洲杯买球欧洲杯买球1、 Consciously abide by the rules and regulations of the venue, Obief the staff's command and management, Entry-entered 欧洲杯买球and retired。

欧洲杯买球2、 It is strictly forbidden to crowd out intentionally、 Coax、 Noise、 Fighting and other be欧洲杯买球haviors that disturb the order inside and outside the field。

欧洲杯买球3、 It is strictly forbidden to throw items at will or carry 欧洲杯买球flammable and explosive dangerous items、 Control knife and other items that obstruct public safety enter the event site。

欧洲杯买球欧洲杯买球4、 It is strictly forbidden to smoke and use bright fire, It is strictly forbidden to use fire protection facilities pri欧洲杯买球vately。

欧洲杯买球5、 When an emergency accident occurs in the event venue, Keep calm, Oboly command, Exit fr欧洲杯买球om safe exports nearby。 Consciously maintain order, No crowded, Prevention injury, Stroke, Step, etc.。





欧洲杯买球Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts

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