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欧洲杯买球欧洲杯买球Several provisions of campus order management of colleges and universities

Several provisions of campus o欧洲杯买球rder management of colleges and universities

欧洲杯买球The National Education Commission Order13 No.

1990 Year9 month18 Published 欧洲杯买球on the day)

    欧洲杯买球The first article  To optimize the education environment, Strengthen the campus management 欧洲杯买球of colleges and universities, Maintenance teaching、 Scientific Research、 Life order and stability and unity situation, 欧洲杯买球Establishment of campus order that is conducive to cultivating socialist modernization of specialized talents, Formulate 欧洲杯买球this regulation。

     欧洲杯买球Two  Higher universities mentioned in these regulations( The following abbreviation“ Schoo欧洲杯买球l”) refers to full-time ordinary colleges and adult colleges。

     欧洲杯买球Teachers and students referred to in these regulations refer 欧洲杯买球to the school's teachers( Including foreign teachers)、 Student( Including foreign students in China)、 Education and Tea欧洲杯买球ching Assistant、 Management staff and workers。

     Article 3  欧洲杯买球Teachers and students of the school and other per欧洲杯买球sonnel who go to school should comply with these regulations, Maintaining the fundamental system and national interests 欧洲杯买球established by the Constitution, Maintenance of school teaching、 Scientific research order and life order。

     欧洲杯买球欧洲杯买球The school should strengthen campus management, Take measures, Timely preventing and stopping violations of laws on camp欧洲杯买球us、 Regulations、 School rules activities。

     欧洲杯买球Article 4  Schools should respect and safeguard the personal 欧洲杯买球rights of teachers and students、 Political rights、 Education and Education rights and other rights stipulated in the la欧洲杯买球w, No limit to、 Destrey the right to deprive teachers and students and employees。

     欧洲杯买球Article 5  Persons who enter t欧洲杯买球he school, Must hold the student's student ID、 Work certificate、 During the course test or other certificates issued by 欧洲杯买球the school、 Certificate。

     欧洲杯买球Not holding the certificate stipulated in the previous paragraph、 Domestic personnel of do欧洲杯买球cuments enter school, It should be registered with the gatekeeper after entering the school。

     欧洲杯买球Article 6  Domestic journalist欧洲杯买球s enter the school interview, We must hold a reporter's certificate and interview introduction letter, After notifying t欧洲杯买球he school's relevant institutions, Fang can enter the school for interview。

     Foreign journalists and Hong Kong, 欧洲杯买球欧洲杯买球Macao and Taiwan journalists enter the school for interview, Must hold the province where the school is located、 Autonom欧洲杯买球ous Region、 An introduction letter and reporter certificate of the foreign affairs organs of the people's government of 欧洲杯买球the municipality or the Hong Kong, 欧洲杯买球Macao and Taiwan Office, Contact with school foreign affairs institutions before entering 欧洲杯买球the school, After permission, you can enter the school for interview。

     Article 7  Foreigners、 Hong Kong, 欧洲杯买球欧洲杯买球Macao and Taiwan personnel enter the school for business、 Business activities, It should pass through the province、 Auto欧洲杯买球nomous Region、 The relevant departments of the municipality or the relevant departments of the State Council agreed and 欧洲杯买球informed the school, Or after the academic exchange plan, 欧洲杯买球after research and approval by the school's leaders, Fang ca欧洲杯买球n enter the school。 Foreigners who want to enter the school yourself、 Hong Kong, 欧洲杯买球Macao and Taiwan staff, After 欧洲杯买球the approval of the school's foreign affairs agency or the Hong Kong, 欧洲杯买球Macao and Taiwan Affairs Office of the school, Fang can ente欧洲杯买球r the school。21085-21107、 Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan staff,21114-21129。

    欧洲杯买球21209-21212  According to Arti欧洲杯买球cle 5 of these regulations、 Article 6、 Article 7 of the person who enters the school, It should abide by the law、 Regula欧洲杯买球tions、 Regulations and school systems, Do not engage in activities that do not match their identity, It must not endange欧洲杯买球r campus law and order。

     欧洲杯买球For violation of Article 5 of these regulations、 Article 6、 Article 7 and Personnel specif欧洲杯买球ied in the previous paragraphs, Teachers and students have the right to report to the school's security agency, School d欧洲杯买球efense agencies can ask them to explain the situation or order it to leave the school。

     欧洲杯买球Article 9  Students generally 欧洲杯买球do not stay outside the student dormitory outside school, In the case of special circumstances, 欧洲杯买球stay outside the school, It sh欧洲杯买球ould be reported to the school's relevant agency permit, and register for staying for stay, Study and register for stayi欧洲杯买球ng in school。 Do not stay in the student dormitory for the opposite sex。

     欧洲杯买球Violation of the provisions st欧洲杯买球ipulated in the previous paragraph, School defense agencies can order stays with lodge to leave the student dormitory。

     欧洲杯买球Article 10  Notice、 Notification、 Notice、 Advertising, 欧洲杯买球etc., The location of the designated or licensed at the scho欧洲杯买球ol should be posted。 Express propaganda materials、 Prints shall be agreed by the relevant agencies of the school。 For po欧洲杯买球sting、 Express the fundamental system that opposes the establishment of the Constitution of my country、 Damage to public 欧洲杯买球posts that are damaged by the interests of the family or insult to slander others、 The parties of the propaganda and pr欧洲杯买球inted materials, The judicial organs investigated their legal responsibility in accordance with the law。

     欧洲杯买球欧洲杯买球Article 11  Set up temporary or permanent buildings on campus and install audio、 Broadcast、 TV facilities, Seter、 The in欧洲杯买球staller should report to the school's relevant agencies for approval, Set up without authorization、 Installation。

     欧洲杯买球欧洲杯买球Teachers and students or relevant groups、 Organize the use of school broadcasts、 TV facilities, It must be reported to t欧洲杯买球he school's relevant agencies for approval, It is forbidden to use school broadcasts for any organization or individual 欧洲杯买球without authorization、 TV facilities。

     欧洲杯买球Violation of the first paragraph、 Paragraph 2、 Paragraph 3 s欧洲杯买球pecified, The school's relevant agencies can persuade them to stop setting、 Installation or stop activity, Set it、 Insta欧洲杯买球lled, The school's relevant agencies can remove, or order the setter、 Instant demolition。

     欧洲杯买球Article 12  Hold a rally in sc欧洲杯买球hool、 Lecture and other public activities, Organizers must apply to the school's relevant agencies 72 hours ago, The pur欧洲杯买球pose of the activity should be explained in the application、 Number of people、 Time、 Place and the name of the person in 欧洲杯买球charge。 The relevant institutions of the school shall notify the organizer of the license or non-licensed decision four 欧洲杯买球hours before the time of the time.。 Overdue unbensed, See permit。

     Racing、 Lectures, 欧洲杯买球etc. should comply with my cou欧洲杯买球ntry's education policy and corresponding regulations、 Regulations, Do not oppose the fundamental system established by 欧洲杯买球the Constitution of my country, Do not interfere with school teaching、 Scientific Research and Life Order, Do not harm t欧洲杯买球he rights of national property and other citizens。

     欧洲杯买球Article 13  Organize lectures in the school、 Report and othe欧洲杯买球r indoor activities, Organizers shall apply to relevant school agencies 72 hours ago, The content of the activity should 欧洲杯买球be explained in the application、 Name of the reporter and person in charge。 The relevant institutions of the school sha欧洲杯买球ll notify the organizer of the license or non-licensed decision four hours before the time of the time.。 Overdue unbense欧洲杯买球d, See permit。

     Lecture、 Report, 欧洲杯买球etc. must not oppose the fundamental system established by t欧洲杯买球he Constitution of my country, Do not violate my country's education policy, Do not promote feudal superstition, No reli欧洲杯买球gious activity, Do not interfere with school teaching、 Scientific Research and Life Order。

     欧洲杯买球Article 14  Teachers and stude欧洲杯买球nts should teach in strict accordance with the school's arrangements、 Scientific Research、 Life and other activities, No 欧洲杯买球one can destroy the school's teaching、 Scientific Research and Life Order, Do not stop others from teaching according t欧洲杯买球o the school's arrangements、 Scientific Research、 Life and other activities。

     欧洲杯买球Forbidden teachers and student欧洲杯买球s from gambling、 Alcohol、 Fighting and other teaching of schools、 behavior of scientific research and order of life。

     欧洲杯买球欧洲杯买球Article 15  Teachers and students Organize social groups, It should be according to《 Regulations on the Registration of 欧洲杯买球Social Group Registration》 Regulations for handling。 Establish an organization of non-social groups in the school, It sh欧洲杯买球all be approved by its organizers to report to the school's relevant agencies before its establishment, It is not allowe欧洲杯买球d to be established or carried out without approval。

     欧洲杯买球Organization and newspapers of non-social groups in the scho欧洲杯买球ol must abide by the law、 Regulations、 Regulations, Implement my country's education policy and abide by the school's sy欧洲杯买球stem, Accept the management of the school, Activities that are not allowed to exceed their purpose。

     欧洲杯买球欧洲杯买球Article 16  Violation of Article 12 of these regulations、 Article 13、 Article 14 and Article 15, The school's relevant a欧洲杯买球gencies may order their organizers and other parties to stop the event immediately。 Violation of the provisions of Artic欧洲杯买球le 12 of these regulations, The damage to the state's property, The school's relevant agencies may order it to compensat欧洲杯买球e for losses。

     欧洲杯买球Article 17  Forbidden person-no-person to do business on campus。 The commercial outlets lo欧洲杯买球cated on the campus must be operated at the designated place。 Violation of the provisions stipulated in the previous par欧洲杯买球agraph, Relevant institutions of the school may order it to stop business activities or leave the campus。

     欧洲杯买球欧洲杯买球Article 18  For violating these regulations, persuasion、 Stop teachers and students who are still not corrected, School 欧洲杯买球visible circumstances give administrative sanctions or disciplinary sanctions; It belongs to the violation of public sec欧洲杯买球urity management behaviors, It is dealt with by the public security organs in accordance with the law; The plot seriousl欧洲杯买球y constitutes a crime, It is treated by the judiciary。

     欧洲杯买球Teachers and students are not convinced by the school's puni欧洲杯买球shment, Appeals to the relevant education administrative department, Education administrative department shall make a pr欧洲杯买球ocessing decision within 30 days when the appeal is received。

     欧洲杯买球For violating these regulations, Advancement、 Stop out-of-sc欧洲杯买球hool staff who are still not corrected, from Public Security、 The judicial organs are dealt with according to the plot。

     欧洲杯买球欧洲杯买球Article 19  Each college can formulate a specific management system in accordance with these regulations。

     欧洲杯买球Article 20  This provision shall be implemented from the date of release。



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