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欧洲杯买球欧洲杯买球Basic responsibilities

    欧洲杯买球Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts is under the leadership of the school, Responsible for mainta欧洲杯买球ining school safety and stability, The functional departments that provide safety services for teaching and scientific r欧洲杯买球esearch and teachers and students, It is mainly responsible for school national security、 Public Security、 Fire Fighting欧洲杯买球、 Construction of various safety work systems such as transportation, At the same time, 欧洲杯买球the public order of the school欧洲杯买球's units、 Supervision of fire safety work、 Check、 Guidance。 Launch campus patrol, Check the hidden dangers of safety,191欧洲杯买球11-19124, Disposal emergencies; Organization、 Coordinating relevant units and departments to repair the school's fire pr欧洲杯买球otection facilities、 Reconstruction; Supervision of the internal decoration of the school、 Report; Assisting the fire pr欧洲杯买球otection agency investigation and treatment of fire accidents; Responsible for road traffic order management and door gu欧洲杯买球ard management; Carrying a legal system for teachers and students、 fire prevention、 Publicity and education such as traf欧洲杯买球fic such as transportation, Guide all units to do a good job of prevention; Responsible for the management of teachers a欧洲杯买球nd students collective hukou, Supervision of the use of hazardous chemicals、 Approval of large-scale event。

欧洲杯买球欧洲杯买球  19447-19452: Office、 Political Security Section、 Public Security Department、 Household registration department、 Divisi欧洲杯买球on、 Fire Prevention Department、 School Guard and Campus Monitoring Center。

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